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Monday, February 28, 2022

American Birkebeiner 2022 - Another Great Year!


Birchleggings Booth - Friday, February 25, 2022

Another American Birkebeiner is in the books! What a great year with sunny days and excellent conditions for the new Open Track option on Wednesday, the Kortelopet on Friday, and the Birkie on Saturday. Our Birchleggings Booth was well attended, and we were able to raise lots of money and have Birchleggers sign up for committees. Thanks to all that worked shifts at the booth!

Steve Carmazon & Edward Eroe at the Birchleggings Booth

Cheryl Hiltibran's quilt with the bibs from her 41 Birkie Races was the big hit and attracted a number of visitors.

Paul Thompson, Birchleggings President

Paul Thompson & Edward Eroe

Paul Thompson, Mindy Ahler, and Edward Eroe went to the start on Saturday to ring the Birchleggings Club Bell, which is located where the Classic and Skate Trails split. It was very well received and a wonderful experience for skiers. We were only able to stay through Wave 2 Skate and Classic, so next year we will need to look at some shifts to cover all the waves, although getting to the bell is a bit challenging. Paul gave a nice speech about the bell, and you can watch it on the YouTube Video below. A special thanks to Dick Enz and Jim Tenorio from concept to reality on the Birchleggings Bell!

Dick Enz & Jim Tenorio

 For additional photographs from Birkie 2022, go to the Photographs Menu on this website.

We hope to be back to normal next year and have our Awards Breakfast where we can all connect again!

Thursday, February 10, 2022

Birchleggings Club Supports Birkie Green!


The Birchleggings Club is committed to the Birkie Green initiative. The American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation community, the care for the Birkie trail and the health of winter itself are all essential elements of that commitment. See our Birkie Green Page on the menu or at this link:

Thursday, February 3, 2022

New Birchlegger Awards for 20, 30, and 40 Year Finishers!

The new Birchleggings Club Awards have been completed and will be ready for those receiving awards in 2022!

The new awards were requested by the board of directors. Working with Louise Droessler, Birkie Enterprises Retail Manager, the board relayed their desire for a crystal-look award that would grow progressively larger from 20 to 30 to 40 years. Louise worked with Apple Awards of Hayward and these designs were approved by the board after some input. Thanks to board member, Jim Tenorio for his assistance in coordinating these beautiful new awards. Note: Bob Bennett's name on the award was used for showing how the name plate would look.

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