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Membership in the Birchleggings Club

Join the Birchleggings Club and help support the American Birkebeiner – the greatest XC race in North America !!

Join during our membership drive Oct 15, 2018 – Jan 31, 2019 and become eligible for fine prizes in our random drawing.

 1     Grand prize – Birkie registration for 2020
            2     (almost as grand) prizes – 2019 race day parking passes
           15   Other prizes – choice of Birchlegger ball cap, ski hat or T-shirt

Who we are:  We are the skiers who return every year to the Birkebeiner. Our club has been working together with the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation to support the Birkie since 1999 and is a 501(3)(c) corporation.  Membership in the Birchleggings Club is available to all who have completed at least 20 Birkie races.

What we do:   The Birchleggings Club Inc. supports the American Birkebeiner in various ways. We recognize and present awards to the 20, 30 and 40 year skiers at our annual Birchlegger Sunday breakfast. The Tony Wise Award, which is given in recognition of significant contribution to the growth and success of the Birkebeiner, is presented annually by the Birchleggings Club. In our most major effort, the club is committed to fund the Birchleggings warming hut at Mosquito Brook on the Birkie trail. Past dues have allowed us to already pay off over 80% of that cost. Most recently, the Birchleggings Club played a significant role in the funding of the Tony Wise Museum of the American Birkebeiner.

What else we do:  To promote participation by youth in skiing and healthy lifestyle activities, the Birchleggings Club now helps provide Kortelopet entry-fee scholarships for high school skier athletes through the Wisconsin Nordic Network. The club also contributes to the “Nordic Rocks for Schools” program of the Central Cross-Country Ski Association (CXC). This program assists schools in obtaining Nordic ski equipment for their physical education classes.

How do I get my name into the drawing?

Pay Birchleggings Club dues for 2019 by Jan 31, 2019 and your name will be put into the drawing.

What if I already have paid up dues for 2019? 

The names of all skiers who have paid up dues for 2019 will be entered into the drawing.

When will the drawing take place?

The random drawing for the prizes will happen on Feb 10, 2019.  Winners will be notified at that time. Winners will be listed on our website

How do I find my current membership status?

Check if you have a paid membership for 2019 in the Birchleggings Club Inc. in the member list at our website Click on the “Birchlegger Lists” tab. Then select “Birchleggings Club Members…” For those who have paid dues for multiple years, this alphabetical list indicates through which year you are paid up.
Or e-mail Dave Balsiger

Another benefit of membership in The Birchleggings Club:
The following retailers have agreed to give discounts on certain gear types to holders of membership cards. Eligible merchandise and discount amount vary by store.
-        Riverbrook, Hayward WI
-        Outdoor Ventures, Hayward WI
-        Spring Street Sports, Chippewa Falls WI
-        Out There Nordic Sports, Rice Lake  WI
-        Boulder Nordic, Bloomington, MN
-       Pioneer Midwest Ski Shop, Osseo, MN
Note: New Moon in Hayward does not offer member discounts but is a generous supporter of Birchleggings Club.

How do I join?
For convenience (and some savings), dues can be paid for multiple years:
1 year - $25     2 years - $45   3 years - $65   4 years - $85    5 years - $100   10 years - $180

Make checks payable to Birchleggings Club Inc.
Fill out the following and mail to:   Dave Balsiger   5703 Lincoln Rd   Oregon WI  53575.   
Member card will be mailed to you.

Name _____________________________________________
Address ___________________________________________
City, State, ZIP ______________________________________________
Email _____________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________________________________

If questions, contact Dave Balsiger  or 608-835-8410    

The Birchleggings Club Inc. is incorporated as a 501(3)(c). Your dues are tax-deductible.

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