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Monday, November 28, 2016

New: Swix-Birchleggings Club Branded Clothing Collection!!!

NEW: Swix-Birchleggings Club Branded Clothing Collection !!!
From Steven Poulin, President/CEO, Swix Sport USA ======================================
Hello Birchleggers,
We are so excited to announce an all NEW Swix
Birchleggings Club Branded Clothing Collection available on-line.
Swix has created a Birchleggings Custom Web store that allows you to order customized Birchleggings embroidered pieces and have these pieces shipped directly to you.
Swix has identified key pieces of clothing that will comprise the inaugural collection. We will offer two order windows for purchasing clothing:
  •   Order Window # 1.
    Place your order between November 23 December 1 and you will receive your order by January 1.
  •   Order Window # 2.
    Place your order between December 5 December 20 and you will receive your order by February 1 or earlier.
    This historic partnership between Swix and the Birchleggings Club allows us to do something really special. Swix will give back to the organization by giving 10% of the overall sales to the Birchleggings Club.
how to order from the web store:
  1. Go to
  2. Enter the store access code: Birchlegger
  3. Browse the store and select the items and sizes you would like to order
  4. When you're ready to pay, click LOG ON if you're a returning user, or click PAYMENT and "register" during checkout if you're new to the site.
  5. Pay online with your credit card on this secure site.
Remember Order Window # 1 closes 12/1/2016 !
Any questions can be directed to our Custom department manager Emma Collins at
Enjoy shopping and Merry Swixmas!
Steven Poulin Swix Sport USA President/CEO

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