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Friday, September 3, 2021

The Celebration of Cheryl Hiltibran's Life held on July 11, 2021 in Maple Plain, Minnesota

On Sunday July 11th friends and family of Cheryl Hiltibran, Birchleggings Club board member, gathered at a gazebo at Baker Park in Maple Plain, Minnesota to remember Cheryl and celebrate her life. 

Steve Carmazon and Paul Thompson, Birchleggings Club board members, attended. Cheryl’s magical Birkie Bib quilt was prominently displayed in addition to remembrances from ski trips, race suits and other paraphernalia. Cheryl’s life was so much more. She was deeply involved in a women’s writing and healing group and enjoyed many adventures into the North American wilderness in her solo canoe. We learn so much about people after they are gone.

Paul reported that he was left with a desire to learn more about this Cheryl and had the chance to chat with Stacy Laufer her step daughter and meet her neighbor Julie while picking up her skis to display on the ceiling of our Mosquito Brook Hut on the Birkie trail. Cheryl contributed so much to our board in the short time she was with us. My learning from her leaving is that we all have the opportunity  to learn and appreciate the stories and the people of our special community of lifelong skiers. Long live Cheryl’s memory.

Thank you to Paul for providing these photographs and these words.

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