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Wednesday, August 10, 2022

The Birchleggings Club Inc Annual Meeting and Election of Officers - September 23, 2022

The Birchleggings Club Inc annual meeting with election of Board of Directors is scheduled for Friday, Sep 23, 2022. Time: 3:00pm, Location: Mosquito Brook Hut.  All members are invited to attend.
Timetable for Annual Board of Directors Election
    Aug 19, 2022 Non-incumbent nominations for Board of Directors due (to Dave Balsiger)
    Aug 26, 2022 Ballots will be mailed / emailed to all members
    Sep 13, 2022 Deadline for returning ballots by mail / email
    Sep 23, 2022 Birchleggings Club Inc annual meeting
The Birchleggings Club has been incorporated as a 501(3)(c) since 2013.  The club holds an annual election of Board of Directors.  As per our Bylaws, Board members are elected to three-year terms, with one-third of the nine Board positions up for election each year. The Board terms of current Directors Steve Carmazon, Bob Britz, and Dave Balsiger will end this year. All three incumbent Board members are running for re-election. However, nominations of other Birchlegger members to run for our Board are welcome. We encourage nominations of other Birchlegger members. Or if you know a Birchlegger member whom you think would be an asset to our organization, encourage them to be nominated. 
Nomination process for non-incumbent members to be elected to the Board of Directors
Non-incumbent nominations for the Board of Directors can be e-mailed or mailed, but must be received by the Nominating Committee by Aug 19, 2020.  The nomination must include the names of the nominee and the nominator, both must be a member, and five (5) other club members. The 5 supporting members should e-mail a note of their support to Dave Balsiger. The current list of Birchleggings Club members is posted on our website –  
Send or call any questions to Dave Balsiger.
E-Mail the nominations to: Dave Balsiger
Or Mail to: Dave Balsiger   5703 Lincoln Rd, Oregon WI 53575   608-835-8410
Ballots will be mailed / emailed to all members on Aug 26. Ballots must be returned by Sep 13. 
Note from Birchleggings Club President Paul Thompson:
We hope all of you are having a great summer and preparing for Birkie 49. Our club is doing a lot of projects, fund-raising and planning for the upcoming Annual Meeting on Sept. 23, 3-6 pm at our Mosquito Brook Hut, and we’d like to see you there. Whether you are wanting to be a BL Board member, pay your dues or just come because you’re going to the Trail Run the following day (Sept 24), we need more engaged members. Participation is what makes the Birkie great, and our club is the heart and soul of the Birkie. You will be receiving our Summer Newsletter in August with many more details, but for now consider these 2 actions:
1. Attend our annual meeting 9/23 (business, program and picnic) and volunteer for the Trail Run the next day.
2. Consider volunteering at Birkie Week 2023. For example, you might ski the Open Track event on Wednesday and then help out at the Expo and other events on your non-race day, or vice versa. Or volunteer at Wednesday’s Open Track and take a turn on your non-race day ringing our Birchlegger Bell at the trail split.
Thanks for considering being an ACTIVE Birchlegger and congratulations on reaching that lofty status.

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